The #HiNeighbour campaign is a chance for neighbours, business, and community groups to lead, attend, and engage in mini-projects in your neighbourhood.



Find out more about growing neighbourhood connections in Coquitlam River in the FAQ's below:

What is #HiNeighbour all about?
Where is the neighbourhood of Coquitlam River?
Who Can Be Involved?
How do I participate in #HiNeighbour in my neighbourhood?
Why should I participate?
How long will #HiNeighbour Campagin run for?
Where do I start?
What kind of mini-project should I lead?
Will i receive any support to organize a mini-project?
How do I promote my mini-project?
How do i get my network (staff, students, or social club) in
Can I volunteer for the #HiNeighbour campaign?
How do I keep up with #HiNeighbour activities?