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Be a Champion of Kids and Volunteer!

Residents can become involved by participating in Community Gatherings

Parent Connectors

Parent Connectors are passionate Coquitlam River parents or grandparents who volunteer within community family drop-in programs, promote a culture of parents supporting parents, and help parents learn about additional services for families with children aged 0-6.

Community Connectors

Community Connectors are passionate Coquitlam River residents who play an important role in supporting Coquitlam River families with young children aged 0-6 by bridging them to neighbourhood drop-in programs and services.

Neighbourhood Connectors

Passionate residents who want to address concerns such as transportation or the maintenance of clean and safe spaces within Coquitlam River.

Social Connectors

Passionate residents who encourage social connectedness and the development of informal networks among Coquitlam River families with children aged 0-6 by coordinating and hosting social meet-ups.

Become a champion of kids by volunteering with United Way Avenues of Change Today!

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