UWAOC at the Tri-Cities Champions for Young Children Awards of Excellence

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  Aug 23, 2018   Davina

On May 10th 2018, United Way Avenues of Change (UWAOC) Coquitlam River team was amongst organizations and individuals supporting the growth and potential of every child and their families by providing opportunities for them to develop within our community. Held at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, The 9th annual Tri-Cities Champions for Young Children Awards of Excellence hosted by the Tri-Cities Early Childhood Development Committee (ECD) was an opportunity to recognize champions within the community.

Our very own UWAOC Initiatives Coordinator, Navreen Gill delivered the keynote address ‘Reflections of United Way Avenues of Change’. Within her reflection, she was able to illustrate the crucial and supportive connections made between residents, community partners, businesses and community groups. Through UWAOC, Coquitlam River has blossomed thanks to the unique and extraordinary opportunities for new immigrants, families and residents to come together. They felt empowered to share their knowledge, skills and resources with each other. Navreen also shed light on the Childcare Needs Assessment initiative, which highlighted issues that mattered to families such as the availability of childcare and safety within the community. By collaborating with community partners, we were able to implement a strategic plan to address these issues and to ensure more kids in Coquitlam River start school ready to succeed.

Additionally, a member of the community recognized our efforts and nominated UWAOC in the Group/Organization Category. This award focuses on a group or organization with a demonstrated commitment towards prioritizing programs that elevate the quality of life for children aged 0-6 and their families. We were extremely honoured and happy to not only be nominated but to have received the award. It inspired us to continue our work on the back of such a positive response from the community. Thanks to the United Way of the Lower Mainland, we are continuing our #HiNeighbour campaign, to engage and bring residents, families, businesses and community partners together to provide better and brighter opportunities for all.

UWAOC encourages residents of the Coquitlam River and now Burke Mountain neighbourhoods to host a #HiNeighbour event to showcase skills, knowledge or event to deepen community connections. Look out for a #HiNeighbour event in your neighbourhood!