Why Is Child Vulnerability A Critical Issue?

Without support, vulnerable kids are more likely to fail to graduate, secure a job, or abide by the law.


Key Contributing Factors

To Tackle Vulnerability, We Must First Understand the Neighbhourhood Specific Factors With Coqutlam Rivers (CR):

Time Poverty

Many families consist of two working parents. Balancing day to day family needs with demanding work schedules is an intricate balance, leaving many parents crunched for time.

Thus parents report it is difficult for their family to access services and make neighbourhood connections.

Child Friendly Community:

Safety, transportation and the lack of age appropriate spaces that promote play are factors highlighted by residents within CR.

Bear safety, environmental hazards such as litter, graffiti and dog waste are factors that impact the ability of families to utilize natural spaces safely in the community. Inadequate public transportation and lack of sidewalks impact the ability of parents to access public spaces and community programs.

Child Care

We assume families are accessing childcare to support their ability to work; but what does childcare look like in CR?

UWAOC is conducting a childcare needs assessment that will give shape to childcare strengths, needs and opportunities.

How does this initiative help kids ?

It takes a bold place-based approach - one that tackles a range of neighbourhood - specific factors contributing to vulnerability - to ensure more kids start school ready to learn. Research shows place - based initiatives work in reducing vulnerability.

Coquitlam River Community Facts:


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